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Numerous outpourings of the Holy Spirit are mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles, in which healing, prophecy, the expelling of demons exorcism , and speaking in tongues glossolalia are particularly associated with the…. Germany is a federal multiparty republic with two legislative houses.

Its government is headed by the chancellor prime minister , who is elected by a majority vote of the Bundestag Federal Assembly upon nomination by the president head of state. The table provides a chronological list of the…. Protestantism, movement that began in northern Europe in the early 16th century as a reaction to medieval Roman Catholic doctrines and practices. After a series of European religious…. Help us improve this article! Contact our editors with your feedback. You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered.

Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources. At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their context. Internet URLs are the best. Thank You for Your Contribution! There was a problem with your submission. Please try again later. Keep Exploring Britannica Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi, Indian lawyer, politician, social activist, and writer who became the leader of the nationalist….

Francis, the bishop of Rome and the leader of the Roman Catholic Church —. He was the first pope…. If you prefer to suggest your own revision of the article, you can go to edit mode requires login. Rich in Christ Source: It is my wish that we begin with the firm conviction expressed in the 23rd Psalm: Despite our worries, struggles, and fears, we can confidently declare that God is immensely rich: And God wants us to benefit from His wealth. We can share in this wealth—namely through Jesus Christ. Dear brothers and sisters, for I propose that we focus on the following objective: Let us therefore caption this year with the motto: What does this wealth consist of?

How can we acquire it? Over the next few weeks and months we will occupy ourselves with this question. I am very curious to learn what ideas the Holy Spirit will awaken in each one of us and in the congregations. Beyond that, there is another element which is of special significance for us: Each issue can be downloaded in multiple languages from nac. A short summary of this Divine Service can be found on page This article is the base for the monthly texts in our calendar, and will be quoted throughout the coming year in a series of online articles on prayer.

Interview with a Sister from Chhattisgarh The magazine also features an interview with one of our youth from Chhattisgarh, on page She gives candid insights into how her life changed after she became New Apostolic. The printed magazine of this issue is currently being distributed to every congregation in India. Daily Meditation and Preparation for Divine Service One of the core features of our calendar is the daily Bible verse. On Sundays, Wednesdays and church holidays highlighted in yellow , it indicates the Bible verse and core thought for a regular Divine Service in India.

Colorful Year Ahead The dual color scheme on the calendar has a dark base color which is contrasted by a highlight color. These colors will appear in various print and graphic items throughout the year on our website and social media.

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Monthly Elaboration Online The prayer theme of is based on an article by our Chief Apostle, and we have the calendar highlighting one aspect of this article every month. In order to complement these short texts, our website will elaborate on the given topic. Below is an overview of the prayer themed topics. What does the visit of our Chief Apostle in Manila have to do with India?

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His program had a wide dimension: Word of the Month for October Many people lack inner peace. They have no peace in their hearts. Everyone has likely had such a period in his or her life before. Most of the time, we blame this on external factors. Perhaps the boss is putting pressure on us. Maybe our neighbour is looking for a fight. Perhaps we feel that our house blessing is off kilter, or realize that we are drowning in debt. Whatever the case, we simply cannot find any peace.

Often the most obvious explanation is the very last one we consider: In some way I am not at peace with my God. Perhaps I have a wish, but God does not fulfill it. Perhaps I have such a great idea, but God does not take any notice of it. He simply does not do what I want. He is requiring something of me that does not please me — and I do not agree with it. His thoughts are different from mine. I do not understand Him. This happens more often than we would like. At some point we realize that we will not have any peace until […]. Pre-registrations are open for youth from India, and today we take a look at what participants can expect — and what will be expected from them until the end of this year.

Pre-Registrations are open for you to sign up. The pre-registration survey therefore prompts for submission of passport details and upload of a softcopy pdf, first and last page. In order to secure their participation, interested candidates will have to save up two installments: Candidates are requested to familiarize themselves with the official IYC homepage. For interested participants from India, pre-registrations are opening today. Who all can participate? As a general rule of thumb, young people between the age of 14 to 35 are eligible to participate. You are most welcome to spread the word and invite your friends, too!

This survey will not only ask for passport details, but it will also prompt you to upload a softcopy of the same, as well as some proof that you will have sufficient funds for your participation. Feel free to contact us: This will be followed by exhibitions and events in the various halls—a total of programme items. On Friday and Saturday, musical events are planned in the arena. A total of 40, participants are expected at the closing service on Sunday. There are 19 exhibition halls with enough capacity, the ESPRIT Arena is in the immediate vicinity, and there are good transportation links.

The website and an app will provide […]. Belief in Jesus Christ and the rebirth out of water and the Spirit constitute the path to permanent fellowship with God. That is the gospel. Those are the glad tidings! Let us pass this gospel along to our children and our neighbour. Indeed, as Christians we have been sent and elected in order to spread this fire.

But this will only work if the fire for Jesus Christ also burns in our hearts. The spark must leap from our hearts to the hearts of others, otherwise it will not work. Let us occupy ourselves even more with the gospel. Let us talk about the gospel with our children and with our neighbour. Then they will learn about God, about our experiences, and about our great future. Let us pray together with our children and with our neighbour.

In prayer we will experience that God is present, that God […]. Word of the Month for June At times we feel we are on the verge of losing courage. We pray, but nothing happens — or practically nothing, anyway. In any case, it is not what we were expecting. This situation is just like Elijah praying for rain at the summit of Mount Carmel. He wrestles with God, and even holds his head between his knees as he prays.

New Apostolic Church

Once, twice, three times he prays. And after every prayer he sends his servant out in order to see if any clouds have yet appeared over the sea. And every time the answer is: Because this little cloud soon turns into a mighty torrent of rain. Please do not allow yourself to become discouraged when […]. Word of the Month for May It is a blessed tradition for us as Christians to celebrate the Sunday. In so doing, we profess the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In the space of a week, we experience many an injustice and learn about many evils that occur in the world. Then we gather together on Sunday and profess: He has overcome death, evil, and sin. He has the last word! We profess the resurrection of the dead and hope for our own transformation.

New Apostolic Church - EA - Kenya

We await the resurrection of the dead and the transformation of the living. No matter what we have experienced, no matter what we have lived through, no matter what we have seen: We send a message every time we gather together for divine service on Sunday and give first place to that which is truly important in our lives. People demonstrate for various reasons, at times because they want to make it clear: We see things differently.

Word of the Month for April God has created mankind with a free will. He does not prescribe to us what we must do. He always leaves us the choice. You can pursue this path or the other path—but you must make your own decision. Many would rather have God take the decision away from them. How simple everything would be then! Should I go this way or the other? Should I turn left or should I rather turn right? In that case we would ultimately be nothing more than following orders. The help of the Holy Spirit when making decisions looks quite different. The Holy Spirit helps us to ask the right questions: Will you still be able to serve the Lord if you make this decision?

Can you be certain that your neighbour will not be disadvantaged if you make this choice? For Christians Easter is always a great cause for celebration. The ultimate triumph of good over evil is what gives each one a sense of hope that no matter how much chaos and confusion in the world, Jesus is alive, seated on the throne, and is coming soon.

Congregations across India were all geared up to celebrate Easter and add their own unique flavour to the day. Jesus has risen from the dead, Jesus Christ is alive. Every believer has the privilege of meeting Him during the Divine Services and experience His help and love on a daily basis. The NAC family rejoiced at the beautiful reminder that Jesus died on the cross, was resurrected from the dead, and accepted into the glory of God. Over many years the music in the New Apostolic Church in India was homegrown with very few English songs.

Since , efforts were made to improve this. Ever since, quality music reached many of the congregations and a National Choir having about trained singers taken from different congregations of the country has been formed. These singers now desired to take the music to congregations that had not reached so far.

Moving Forward With encouragement by our District Apostle Helper David Devaraj, choir leaders for each area were found who decided to meet in order to build a common strategy and working style. The first such meeting was held in Mumbai, on the 11th of March The Needs and Strategy The choir leaders decided to have a choir functional wherever any trained singing members are present.

Efforts would be made to encourage more youth to participate in the choir, with proper segregation of singers for different purposes such as local, regional, and National level. Children are the future, and for the music work to be continued, it was decided to train children to be future members of the choir. It is well known that without discipline, no organized group […]. All figures are taken from our official records as of December In India, there are around ministers in active congregations.

He also has a shared responsibility with Apostle […]. They are easy prey for shady characters who promise them recognition and success, and thereby lead them away from the straight and narrow. When such young people then become delinquents, judges often make an unfavourable social prognosis—and the path to the margins of society seems all but carved into stone.

Pentecost 2017 - New Apostolic Church - Chief Apostle Schneider - Vienna

On the spiritual level we can often observe similar developments, namely when it comes to human beings who become more and more deeply entangled in sin because they have never felt the love of God. The path to the margins, to a condition of remoteness from God, and ultimately to eternal separation from God, seems inevitable. And that is where our mission begins: Let us give them some of our attention so that they may experience this love in their […]. Following is an overview of this initiative. It contains the bible verse, main theme, core thoughts and a summary of what the Divine Service will be all about.

One of these places is the Podili district in Andhra Pradesh, where the Sunday School teachers gathered for a one day seminar on Saturday. The four categories of Sunday School for children of different ages, the objectives of Sunday School, the different learning styles of children, all of which was supported by workshops and presentations. Books such as teachers manuals and student workbooks in the Telugu language were introduced, and the teachers were instructed how to prepare lesson plans.

It had been an exciting and action packed day, and the Sunday School teachers were eager to start working with the new materials. The next day was their first chance to apply the newly learnt […]. Participants were asked to send in one single picture which expresses their Christmas season in a creative way. His photo is the well-deserved featured image of this article which shows a local artist at work during the Christmas season. The Winning Picture About the choice of his picture, Vipin says that this artist caught his attention at the beginning of Christmas season in his town.

They add colors, glitters and life to all that we do, like decorating our Christmas Tree, our Christmas […]. Word of the Month for January A new year always begins with expectations: What will it bring? At such times people even venture to cast a speculative glance into the future and make certain predictions, albeit cautiously. Even with regard to the Church, the districts, and the congregations, we go into the new year with certain expectations—not to mention lots of open questions: What can we do to influence it? How will things progress? When we think about it realistically, we must concede that we cannot predict the future.

Even our options for influencing—not to mention steering—these developments are limited. But in contrast to all human undertakings, we have an unassailable reason for going into the future filled with hope and optimism. The reason for our confidence is that our God is faithful! We can rely on His word. He fulfils His promises. He stands by His commitments. He will be with His Apostles to the end of the age. He will complete His church. And He will also bless us in the new year. May we all bask in the confidence that we are all in His Almighty hands of love and grace.

I thank you with all my heart, for being such wonderful helpers within the scope possible to each of you. The possibility of collaborating with you in this high commission was a gift given by God, and I am humbled by it. Our great God did not dissappoint us, but yet again reveled Himself with blessed experiences to all who laboured towards comprehending Him. Our task is not complete until we are with Him and see Him face to face.

Ample space and resources to accommodate and cater to 35 participants and 6 faculty who attended the programme in two batches made it an ideal location. The last week of December was identified as suitable dates, since most working participants could take off from work during the Christmas vacation season. There were 20 participants and the seminar was ably assisted by the Apostles Prabhakar Beergi and Devadas Basappa.

Word of the Month

The second batch of 13 participants were from the Marathi and Hindi speaking areas of Maharashtra. Apostle Shastri and Priest Nitin Raje helped in conducting the programme. The training programme was attended not only by Sunday school teachers, but also by Deacons and those holding a priestly ministry. A Training Programme for Trainers The main thrust of the programme which was repeatedly communicated to the participants, was that they would take the knowledge of this training into their areas and train the local teachers. In the s, he migrated to the financial capital of India, that is Mumbai, in search of a job.

In Sister Greta — who also worked at the office — he found his soulmate and they got married on 20th November Until his retirement on Friday, 1st February , he had served God for over 35 years as a minister, more than 25 years of which as an Apostle. He remained an example and was widely known for his faith and […]. The four main topics of this meeting were 1 a presentation on membership statistics of NAC India, followed by 2 the redistribution of working areas for the Apostles.

This was linked to 3 the introduction of new formats for scheduling and a session on 4 data collection in all the congregations. Part 1 He reflected on the gratitude to the sisters — especially the wives of the Apostles and Bishops — who often had to differentiate between two roles: At the same time, they were aware of the weaknesses of their husband.

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  • He reminded everyone present that they had to behave like […]. For many who are not well acquainted with the Christian origins and content of the Christmas celebration, Christmas is primarily a celebration of giving gifts and a celebration of the family. But even with all of these descriptions, the significance of this festive event has not yet been exhausted. The birth of Jesus, the incarnation of the Son of God, is—above all—a sign of the omnipotence of God. In unmistakable terms, Christmas demonstrates to the whole world: